The Arbitrator

The Arbitrator provides a fair and impartial judgement for both consumers and traders.

Being a CTSI certified ADR body, CEDR will ensure a trained professional arbitrator is assigned to each case. All TGAS Arbitrators have received the industry standard training with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

This will ensure a fair, just and impartial decision in all cases for both consumers and traders by the arbitrator appointed by CEDR.

What Does the Arbitrator Do?

The appointed Arbitrator will reach a resolution in disputes between TGAS registered traders and their customers. This decision will be legally binding on both the consumer and the company.

This service provides recourse to home owners who feel they have been disadvantaged by the TGAS trader they contracted with, circumventing the expense and inconvenience of a court battle.

Cases are reviewed using written correspondence provided by all parties, the Arbitrator will in rare cases also arrange a site visit where it is deemed necessary.